Info about the organisation
For many years, the contributions of African and Caribbean servicemen to the First World War has been largely forgotten and underexplored. The war’s centenary (2014-2019) has presented the opportunity to revisit this history, and to re-examine and rediscover African and Caribbean involvement. It is now recognised that the assistance and service of over 2 million Africans and 16,000 Caribbeans, not to mention the countless Black Britons that joined British regiments, made a considerable and significant impact in terms of manpower and resources. It means that the Great War was a multi-racial and multi-national war.
They Also Served will facilitate the following initiatives:
Lead workshops on how to research whether your ancestors served
Collect oral histories of people who have ancestors who served
Present workshops and presentations on different aspects of African and Caribbean involvement in WW1
Screenings of documentaries
We hope to accomplish the following outcomes:
Raise awareness among the black church membership and the wider community about African and Caribbean contribution to WW1
Produce a DVD and a booklet for dissemination
Teaching people how to research the history of their ancestors who served
To organise an event that celebrates the contributions of these men
To learn more about women’s contribution
To find out if any black men from the West Midlands enlisted
Produce a portable exhibition that can be displayed in schools, churches, libraries etc
We are keen to engage volunteers to assist in the following ways:

Filming of events

Explainers for the exhibition

(training given)

Blog writers

Please contact me if you would like me to facilitate and presentations/workshops for your organisation.